Mind Rape - OverKill [7g]

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Mind Rape - OverKill [3g]
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Mind Rape - OverKill

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by G H, 24/04/19

Couldn't notice any difference in potency compared to the old 5X other than a price bump. Still the best legal on market as far as I've experienced. certainly not the strongest but one of the stronger ones available today - unfortunately that's not saying much as all the legals now seem to be getting more and more watered down. No where near the potency of the old Cataclysm (a blend or two back). No significantly noticeable negative side effects post use, unlike alot of other legals that can give me cold sweats, trembling and nausea for 24-48 hours after stopping.
The price is the only downside. hard to see how the prices are justified other than keeping them in line with street prices of canna. The whole point is to switch to something legal right? whats the point if it still costs the same, doesn't last as long and is less effective? definitely will not rape your mind. basically a mild canna. if you smoke canna but you get UDS at work - this is your best alternate but it'll cost more in the long run and you'll still want to quit your job.

Reviewed by leon h, 05/04/19

thank you to the people who create the smile on my face